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Local author spotlight

Donna Westover

Donna Westover is the author of the four-book inspirational fiction series Mysterious Ways. Currently, she is working on a faith-based thriller trilogy. 

Westover earned a Certificate of Biblical Studies and a Bachelor of Science degree from Liberty University and a Masters of Business Administration from the University of Phoenix.

With an education in business and biblical studies, Westover used her broad base of knowledge and experience to write her second series, The Genesis Factor, which she has labeled biblical speculative fiction. 

While still inspirational, her new books focus on the “what if’s” or the gray areas of the Bible; the subjects that are often ignored, side-stepped, or swept under the rug because they’ve been deemed controversial. It is in those gray areas that Westover has found, albeit after much research and a little imagination, intriguing and thought-provoking stories. 

About The Genesis Factor: Deception

Through technology that brings a person's genetic memory vividly to life, Dr. Rachel Wall discovers the truth about the purpose of the Great Flood, after which, she becomes a member of a secret organization that is determined to resurrect the Biblical Nephilim through genetic engineering and cloning. Early on, she learns this very organization is willing to do whatever it takes to achieve its vision — regardless of the cost or collateral damage — all with the future of humankind and eternity hanging in the balance.

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